What Play Was That

I'm trying to find out the name of a play that I saw on TV about two or three years ago in the UK. It was a re-showing of a much older performance. The original may have been made for TV or it could have been a filmed performance of something that was originally a stage play. The setting was a 'civilised' party with the hosts and with guests that arrived and interacted. I … [Read more...]

A Christmas Carol

Bob Cratchit trudged home. For the tenth time he mentally divided the £14.50 by six and worked out how much the family could afford to spend on food until the next payday. His paced picked up as he neared home, thinking of his wife who would be home from work soon. It saddened him that although she was terminally ill, she still had to work because her disability allowance had … [Read more...]

Is There A Duty To Help

It's a good questions and one that is fitting for a new year. It is a question that crops up repeatedly in my mind - usually when I am at a crossroads. I see it from both sides - on the one hand that the world is plainly not perfect - people are attacked and hurt all the time; people suffer illnesses that are treatable; people have accidents that can be treated. And in … [Read more...]


Churl: a man, a fellow, a peasant, a freeman without rank, of the common people, of low birth, unmannered... churlish. Oh how the ordinary man has sunk. … [Read more...]

Ebola and Dehydration

NBC News reports that doctors who have treated Ebola patients say they lose an unimaginable amount of fluids — seven or eight quarts a day, in some cases, to the violent vomiting and diarrhea caused by the infection. A quart is approximately the same volume as a litre. Assume a man weighs 60kg and that 70% of his bodyweight is water. Then losing seven litres a day means that … [Read more...]