Apple Watch – Not The Next Big Thing?

In Good Strategy/Bad Strategy: The difference and why it matters Richard Rumelt tells how he met Steve Jobs. He asked him what his strategy was. He’d asked lots of business leaders what their strategy was but as he pointed out, Steve Jobs’ answer was different. He didn’t talk … [Read more...]

The Scottish Referendum

In the run-up to the vote on September 18th, I remind myself that living in Edinburgh I should read everything in the press and TV with a health warning. That warning is to remind me that it is likely that nothing is merely 'comment from an observer' in this campaign any more, … [Read more...]

Polly Toynbee and the Yes vote

We went to see Polly Toynbee and David Walker speak at The Edinburgh Book Festival yesterday. Polly Toynbee made a heartfelt plea for Scotland to remain in the UK so as to balance the horrible Tories who are running things. At a couple of points during the Q&A, the question … [Read more...]