With Zimilate you use a bookmarklet from the browser to clip things, or email from a mobile to save pages, notes, etc.

What is the advantage over using Postach.io? Well, Postach.io is no longer free. It’s not expensive though, and it enables you to post to your Evernote account and have it automatically post to Postach. on your own web page.

The ‘read later’ function from Instapaper  clips web pages – and it syncs with your phone. It’s starting to look like a good choice to re-read things you see – but it doesn’t give you a web presence like Postach does, if that’s important to you.

Online Marketplaces

Not On The High Street

Find unique gift ideas and personalised gifts, as well as inspiration on everything from home decorations to fashion and jewellery, all at notonthehighstreet.com.

Piccadilly Lane

Piccadilly Lane unites high quality, independent card and gift businesses. Discover unique gifts ideas, design-led greetings cards and stylish stationery.


Explore some of the great things at Folksy… … Home Decorations. Subscribe to the Folksy weekly email for interviews, products and offers.


Your free social marketplace for art, handmade products, designers, fashion, and freelancers.

Selling Online


Manage your orders, process and receive payments & build relationships with your customers – all in one simple place. Boost your sales with neat business analytics and wow your customers with a beautiful buying experience. Add your products and sell from any site in minutes without any complicated setup or hassle. We handle the payments when a customer buys and send you the money.


Start your free online store.. Tictail is an easy and free online shopping cart that not only helps you create a beautiful online store within minutes but also helps you run it with ease.

Can’t work out whether there is any base cost to Tictail, or not.


Everything you need to manage apps and content…