Human Nature

With the rapidity with which new phones come out, we can’t keep track of them all.

Therefore, we don’t know whether to look down on someone for having an old phone, or envy them for having a newer one.

I think that aspect of human nature is all that is needed for the companies to win.

The Majority

The majority have always been sheep – waiting to see which way the wind blows.

They just want a quiet life rather than working for the life they want. They are the disappointed ones. For them, life was big and they made it small.

So take courage from the fact that nothing was ever won easily.

Douglas Carswell’s Clacton victory speech: Why?

In his victory speech, the newly elected UKIP MP Douglas Carswell, said

We must be a party for all Britain and all Britons, first and second generation as much as every other. Our strength must lie in our breadth. If we stay true to that there is nothing we cannot achieve.

Why do we need to be told this?

Don’t all parties that make a claim to form a Government in Britain represent all Britons, all first and second generation Britons as much as every other?

By saying what the party ‘must be’, Carswells admits that he represents a party that is a party of racists.

The European Commission Pushing For Turkey To Be Admitted To The EU

Today, the Wall Stree Journal reports

BRUSSELS—The European Union’s executive urged member states Wednesday to advance long-stalled membership talks with Turkey but underscored the obstacles in the way by raising “serious concerns” about government meddling with the judiciary and restrictions on the press.

Eighteen months ago the Los Angeles Times reported that Erdogan was wrecking Turkey as any kind of democracy, as I wrote in an article about Turkey’s image as a model democracy.

And two years before that the EU was saying that Turkey would have to clean up its human rights record if it wanted to move forward on its application for EU membership.

And in 2010 the EU Parliament published a report that Turkey had a long way to go if it hoped for EU membership.

But Turkey has not improved its human rights record. The signs are that it is using IS as a tool to kill off Kurdish separatist aspirations.

So what has changed?

At a guess it is the worry that if Turkey is not brought quickly into the EU/Western camp, then it might be pulled into the vortex that Syria and Iraq are becoming.

The Coffee Died

You know what it’s like,
You start out as a fresh young bean
And before you know it
You’re just dregs
ground up and spat out
leaving a bitter taste in the mouth.