Month: August 2017

Simultaneously In A Communal Space

This is something I’ve thought about and mentioned a few times – which is a complicated idea to get one’s head around in the digital world, but it’s about the space where we interact.

For example, I am now writing in my space. It’s hosted on WordPress’ space, but it’s my space there.

If I write a comment on your site, we are in your space. If we interact on Facebook, we are in Facebook’s space, etc.

I like to think that by 2035 we will be able to communicate and be in our spaces and yet meet in something that is not anybody else’s space.

I know that sounds impossible – the space has to belong to ‘somebody’ – but I think it will happen.

There will be a space we meet where you are in your space and I am in my space and yet simultaneously we will be in a communal space that is no one else’s space, not under someone else’s control.

Maybe quantum mechanics will make it possible.

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