Month: October 2017

Effortlessly Through Fluffy Clouds

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This is something that happened to me in the days when I went climbing. A friend and I were climbing in France, and I decided not to attempt a particular climb without being roped in from the top. The reason was that the very first foothold was a tiny nubbin of rock, smaller than the tip of my little finger. If my foot slipped off that I would crash onto the small boulders that were […]

Hitler’s motivation

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A man is mad, to a lesser or greater degree, when he doesn’t know what his own motivations are. I don’t know what Hitler said about his motivations – whether he talked about it secretly with a few people who were in the know. But I think Hitler’s motivation is pretty clear. Yet strangely, it seems it is not widely understood. Historians talk about how Hitler targeted the Jews because he believed they were parasites. […]