Month: April 2018

Weaving Snares

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Weaving snares with words. I find myself turning away from writing that talks about soul, grounding, development – words that are woven together to produce what I now think of as magic. I am repelled by writers of these pieces who work to draw in the reader with a promise of a better way of being. I am repelled by the way the writers weave descriptions that allude to something, but in reality it is […]

Web Accessibility Woes

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I was looking at a website that has a web accessibility page. It describes how the site is accessible to people with various impairments. I googled for whether such a page is a legal requirement. I don’t think it is, but what is a legal requirement in the UK under the Equality Act 2010 is not to discriminate by preventing impaired people from accessing services. I see there are similar provisions in the US, and […]