Month: May 2018

Europe And The Iran Nuclear Agreement

Germany, France, and the UK have a lot invested in Iran – a lot of ongoing projects for the supply of major infrastructure.

You don’t have to wonder therefore about the opposition of Europe to the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement. First of all, it cannot have come as a great surprise bearing in mind what Trump said about Iran in his Riyadh speech.

The European deals were all done when the Iran agreement was in place – so nothing underhand there. But it does raise the question over the motives of the Europeans in wanting to preserve the Iran agreement when their financial stake is at risk.

By the same token, one can be pretty sure that Trump knew of the likely poor consequences for these Europeans if the USA withdrew from the Iran agreement and imposed sanctions that the Europeans had to follow – and that he knew that the US would benefit from the Europeans’ losses.

So a bit of financial thinking on both sides, probably.

Of course, with Iran’s declared intentions in the region, it makes one wonder why the Europeans invested so much in what was probably going to turn out badly in the end?

And it also makes one wonder why the Europeans didn’t see the writing on the wall with the Riyadh speech, and make preparations to pull back from heavy investment in Iran.

Dao Dow

The tagline I used in various places, and probably still do here and there, is

Treading a line between Dao and Dow.

I like the play on the sound of the two words (pronounced identically where I come from – maybe not where you are) and I like the balance between the physical and spiritual worlds. And I like that it is short.

Today I took a peek at The Online Photographer. I often go there for a breath of fresh air, to read something about photography and read what people who are polite and well-rounded have to say.

I saw a comment that led to a community website for photographers to put their portfolios. I recognised the site but hadn’t visited it for years. I thought I might have an account, and I have and so I was able to log in. I looked at my profile and saw this that I wrote a long time ago and forgot about:

Dow Dao Dow Dao
Have you any wool
Yes, sir, yes sire,
But I gave it away.

It is, of course, a play on the rhyme, probably several hundred years old, that goes:

Baa, baa, black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes, sir, yes, sir,
Three bags full;
One for the master,
And one for the dame,
And one for the little boy
Who lives down the lane.

There is something pointed and contrary, disobedient, and transcendent in my version, and I like that.