Month: June 2018


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The GIUK Gap is an abbreviation for the Greenland, Iceland, UK gap. It’s what is called a naval choke point, difficult for a navy to get past if there are defenders set against it. This article is about geopolitics, and specifically about what would likely happen in a conflict between Russia and the West. In time of conflict, the primary task of the Russian fleet in the Atlantic would be to stop the US fleet […]

Sixty Million Tonnes Of Wheat

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In an article about the pending trade war between the USA and everybody else, the writer mentioned the sixty million tonnes of wheat that the fields of Kansas produce. I looked up the density of wheat seeds: It’s 0.79 So that tonnage of wheat would occupy 76 million cubic metres. (60m/0.79) Let’s spread that out two metres deep. Two metres makes sense to me; it’s just fifteen centimetres (six inches) over my head. Now we’ve […]