A Question About Postmatic Comments

I don’t get very many comments, but I value those I do get. So when spam comments get through it’s a pain.

I use Postmatic for commenting and I haven’t set comments to be moderated. If I were to set comments to be moderated it would slow down the conversation because every commenter would have to wait for me.

This Is How I Catch Spam

I catch spam comments with two plugins: WPBruiser and Akismet.

WPBruiser catches automated bot comments.

Akismet catches almost all of the other spam comments, but it doesn’t catch them all.

When Akisment lets a comment through it doesn’t just appear on the site but in genuine subscribers’ email inboxes.

I think the annoyance factor is magnified by that and if you think so too, then I have to decide what to do.

So a quick question – do spam comments appearing in your email inbox annoy you?


I could upgrade to Postmatic Pro. Then Postmatic would analyse comments for content and hold those about which it is suspicious.

However, the cheapest subscription level for Postmatic Pro is $50.00/month, so that is not an option.

That leaves me with either dropping Postmatic completely and moderating comments or keeping Postmatic but moderating comments.

If you are a genuine subscriber and you are seeing these spam comments, just know I am watching it and will decide what to do over the next week or two.

To help me, would you let me know whether spam comments appearing in your email inbox annoy you?