CSS If You Change WordPress Themes

What happens to your custom CSS and CSS revisions if you change WordPress themes? Normally it gets lost.

But not with Jetpack. I have the Jetpack plugin installed but with very few options activated. One option I have activated and which I like is Custom CSS.

Yes, there are other CSS plugins in the WordPress repository, and I’ve used them.

And of course one can always use a child theme.

In fact I am using a child theme of this WordPress theme here at the moment, but I still change CSS with the Jetpack plugin.

One of the advantages of using Jetpack to change CSS is if you mess around changing from one theme to another as much as I do.

The reason is that the Jetpack CSS Revisions module shows previous versions of your custom CSS. Each time you click Save Stylesheet a revision is saved.

That means that if you add some CSS, change themes, and then want to revert back to your old theme, then you can find the custom CSS you added previously and revert to it.

That’s because Jetpack stores the last 25 CSS revisions made to any theme on your blog.

It’s very handy to be able to click on the CSS revisions and look back at the recent changes and revert to an earlier version if you need to, and I use it quite a lot.

Update Feb 2017

In the latest version of WordPress there is now an option to add CSS via the customiser.