Tales From The Anteroom

The scene is the anteroom before souls are injected into the worlds. Present are the voyager and the guide. The guide is explaining the scene that lies before them.

Outside the window there are vast celestial bodies. They arrange and rearrange themselves so that one celestial body is central and the others rotate about it. Each celestial body is identified in turn by the guide.

“This is the fucking body; this is the acquisitive body; this is the higher plane body. You choose which celestial body most appeals to you and that is the world where you live. That is the world where you will experience what is central in your mind and your desires. The other bodies will rotate about it but it will be central and the world you experience will be dominated by what you desire.

As you can see, the bodies have arranged themselves based upon the karma you carry from past lives. It appears you want (words muffled as the guide turns away) and so it shall be if you want.

There is time to change your mind but remember that if you choose that which you do not really want, you will have an uncomfortable time down there.

On the other hand, choose what you want wisely. There are roads that lead out of here and roads that lead back to this anteroom.”