Brexit the Unthinkable

People sticking it in Cameron’s eye as payback for all the hurt and pain he showered on them. People not knowing that the other eye was theirs and they just struck themselves blind.

Or was it Middle Englanders, sure of the way we can forge a new path. Ha!

Cameron – well he got his comeuppance. And that tiny spark of pleasure is no pleasure at all compared to the pain he meted out with his last gasp.

I should have known. For years I said that I didn’t want to involve myself in any social or political movement in England because I didn’t think it would do any good because people just seem to want to be mean-spirited. What is it with them?

I should have known. This is the people that complained about the Tories and then elected them for a second term. I’m alright Jack, I’ve got mine.

Everyone wants to know ‘why’. Well it’s the same reason they voted the Tories in. The English voted in the meanest people to do their dirty work for them.

Does no one recognise that it’s just a bloody accident of opportunity as to which minority group gets it in the neck? It’s the scroungers ruining the country. It’s the immigrants. It’s the scapegoats. It’s always their bloody fault.

That’s Britain to a T. Sweep it under the carpet and pretend the place is clean.

I keep coming back to the class system. Look at Cameron and Corbyn. They could be characters from the Two Ronnies. “I look down on him because he’s working class…”

Is that where the pain comes from? Is that what they heard in the ‘Take our country back’ message?