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A Million People

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How not to mix things up in a world full of casual brushes with the truth – uncaring as to what is real and what is not. In principle it has always been the same for at least some of the population. Now, however, we have reached critical mass. Each uncaring and unthinking person has access to weapons of war. A tweet ricochets off another tweet and spins off into another social media platform. Like […]

UK Returns Policy

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The returns policy that big stores in the UK follow must be causing them all sorts of headaches. Once a couple of the big-name department stores started offering long return dates, the others had to follow, or risk going under. Any retailer that didn’t want to offer 35-day, or a 60-day, or a 90-day, no quibble returns was going to become less popular in the eyes of those shoppers who love to return stuff. Rohan […]