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On a visit to the Dohány Synagogue in Budapest

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Our guide, Yoel, pointed out the extent of the ghetto from 1944 after the Government tried to surrender to the Allies. The Government was overthrown by Arrow Cross and the Germans marched in. In front of us in the grounds of the synagogue are buried 2,281 people in mass graves. The graves look like raised flower beds in a small area by the wall of the synagogue, marked by some plaques. We stare at the […]

Who Will Be Notified Of This Post

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Well that was interesting. I deactivated Jetpack and then I was stuck for a sign-up form for this site. You would think it would be easy. I found a plugin that would push notifications to subscribers, but who were the subscribers and how would I put a widget on the site to get new subscribers? I looked at rss-to-email with MailChimp, and got it to work, but then I looked at the notification I got […]