Fortress Europe

Fortress Europe.: It may not seem like it sometimes, but compared to life outside fortress Europe, it is heaven. It is heaven at least in terms of the daily grind.

Don’t make light of other people’s troubles. Of course I don’t. But I live in the privileged world.

Of course the modern world brought in the death of community and the birth of ennui. That’s what we are told. When we are far from the harsher realities of life, we risk sinking into meaninglessness.

Every day we balance our feelings and find our equilibrium between the haves and the have nots.

I don’t want to pretend to myself that I am the humblest of creatures who would share his last crust with a stranger.

Actually, I would. It would be easier. To be down to my last crust would make it an easier decision. Then there would be almost nothing to hold on to.

The better question would be whether I would give up a lot of what I have to share, not with one stranger but many, many strangers? Because that is what is happening. People are clamouring at the gates of fortress Europe and fortress North America. They risk their lives to cross the sea to reach their dream. And we inside have to deal with feeling guilty and resentful.

We in the UK give huge amounts of charity to people abroad. When RedNoseDay comes around and the TV presenters ask for money, we give – millions. My wife gives – she gives a lot.

Why don’t we collectively share our last crust and give half of everything we have to those beyond the fence.

But we don’t. And we don’t all say – come, come, share – what is mine is yours.

Tell me I am wrong – tell me that if a vote was taken tomorrow that people would open the gates.