Has Somebody Got It In For Boots The Chemist

Has somebody got it in for Boots the chemist?

There was a BBC investigatory programme a couple of weeks ago which tried to make out that Boots mixes up prescriptions horrendously.

In fact, as the programme showed and couldn’t help but show, Boots’ record of correct prescriptions versus wrong prescriptions is better than at any other pharmacy.

In fact, Boots make such a good job of it that the incidence of wrong prescriptions is tiny. It’s minute.

Of course, it is serious when a mistake is made. But is also serious when no mistakes are made.

And now on the BBC news today there is another incident at Boots which is given publicity that relates to a mixup in prescriptions.

Has somebody got it in for Boots?

In a different world, I wouldn’t think about it. But now, with the attempted destruction of the National Health Service – I am suspicious of a drive to smear Boots as a prelude to something else.

Is it an attempt to stop Boots filling NHS prescriptions?

Is it connected with the fact that Boots is now owned Walgreens, an American company?

Something is going on.