The Hidden Cost Of Labour-Saving Devices

We are not fooled. When we think of labour-saving devices, we think not only of the benefits alone but also of the cost of the benefits. We think of the extra hours we have to work to pay for the labour-saving device. We know the hidden cost of labour-saving devices.

We think of the cost of upkeep, because most devices require some upkeep. And we think of the cost of replacing the device, because all devices have a limited life.

And we think of the stress and the pain and the tedium associated with getting the money to pay for the device. And we think of the precious time we have lost in getting to the point of being able to hand over the money to pay for the device.

And then we do it anyway.

But this calculation, this weighing in the balance,is not equal across the board. A rich man can buy a labour-saving device and not give a thought to the cost of it or of the upkeep. For him, labour-saving devices are what they seem. The only real cost to him is the sleepless nights wondering whether the poor are going to come knocking at his door to make him pay for being rich.