Is The US Military America’s Last Line Of Defence Against Trump?

Originally published here 5th March 2016

Keep watching Trump’s shrug of the shoulders. When faced with a question he doesn’t like, he shrugs as if to say the question is irrelevant, unimportant, and not worth answering.

He moves a lot. His body moves a lot compared to other politicians. He tells you with every gesture that he is free. He is free to admit things that other politicians will not admit, and to override objections with a shrug of his shoulders.

The myth is that Trump appeals to people who are self reliant. It’s not true. He appeals to people who are magnetically drawn to people who are free and powerful. People who are free and powerful will tell them what to do and will make them feel good about themselves.

Of course, that is not going to help you if you are part of a minority that is being picked on.

If you are in one of those groups, you have to look elsewhere for your saviour.

I joked a few days ago that Trump doesn’t know whether he is on The Apprentice or in a Republican Debate.

I don’t really think that’s true, but given power I think he is in danger of megalomania. He just doesn’t have a ‘stop’ button inside him.

On British TV last night they were discussing the description Trump gave at the Republican debate about the comparative size of his fingers and his manhood. The commentators were saying how low he has dragged debate.

I see it differently, I see a man who is free and who revels in the way his enemies squirm. I see a man who is constantly pointing out how stiff his opponents are. He portrays them as small people stuffed inside their suits.

People love to see that stuff.

So – to the question I posed in the title – is the US military the last defence against Trump?

Did you catch the interview with the ex-director of the CIA who doubted whether the US military would follow Trump’s orders.

I am not so sure. I think there are elements in the US military that could easily rally behind him.

After all, it is just fifty years since the carpet bombing of Laos and Cambodia.