Victoria To The Rescue

I was imagining a scene. It’s the grandees of the Conservative party, mostly men and older. They are watching television in the privacy of their club or a private room at the House Of Commons.

They are beaming. I can hear exclamations of pleasure at what is happening on the screen.

It is an episode of Victoria – about Queen Victoria. She is telling her beastly German in-laws not to try to treat her like a cow, fit only to produce children. She tells them off and they step back, abashed. Oh, she is magnificent even in her youth. And now she is on board the deck of HMS Trafalgar and she is telling the crowds how the defeat in Afghanistan is bad, but the Britain has the strongest army and navy in the world and will snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Ah, so like Brexit. Germany is that horrid EU, and Trafalgar is to be our victory in the new trade alliances that our new (as yet unfound) partners are hungry for.

The production of the TV programme is first rate – with a big budget.

A thought crossed my mind – that when the producers proposed Victoria, that someone in a corridor of power thought it would be just the ticket to prop up the failing morale of the populace.