Dogs And Leashes

Edinburgh is a very dog-friendly city. Go out at any time of the day and you will see dogs and their owners.

And the variety of breeds is huge. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the major breeds are represented here.

So with that in mind, picture me walking one misty evening after dark, and coming towards me is a dog and its owner.

The dog is on a leash and the leash is pulled taut. From where I am standing the leash looks like a solid metal rod. Suddenly I see the dog pinioned by the rod. I know it is just the gloom that makes the leash look like a rod, but it makes me see the relationship between the owner and the dog differently.

Tonight I think the idea of having an animal on a leash is bizarre. The relationship between the human and the dog is strange. Who thought of walking with a dog and a human tied together? Who thought this was normal?

I feel like a visitor from another planet looking at the strange behaviour of Earthlings.