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Being In Business Is A Bad Way To Run A Business

Being in business is a bad way to run a business.

I came to that observation today when reading a trade magazine. What happened is that a few weeks ago my wife and I decided we didn’t really want to continue with the business – it was taking up too much time and effort.

So we closed a section down and kept the easy bit going. If that gets too much we can shut that down too.

So today I was reading this trade magazine – just enjoying reading it because I didn’t have to be thinking about what we could be doing to stay ahead of the curve – and there were a couple of good articles in the magazine.

One in particular was from a man who was retiring after 40+ years in the business. He dropped little gems of information that I think I would have missed if I had skimmed the article or simply not read it because I was ‘too busy running the business’.

And that’s it in a nutshell – too much ‘hurry hurry worry worry’ (even when things are going well) leads to no time to absorb and think.

Information overload and the nagging drive to get ahead or stay on top reduce our ability to let our minds absorb information in its own time – in its own correct time.

Worry saps our energy and stresses us at one and the same time. We become hooked on beating the train as it thunders along behind us – threatening to catch up to us and grind us into the dust. It’s easy to see how workaholics thrive on the addiction. They are fixed on the track as surely as the train is.

The answer is not solitude exactly – although that state of mind will help – it is being aware and dealing with the situation as it really is – which brings us back to the fact that being in business is bad for business. Worry and stress are bad for business.

No matter how much it might seem to hurt, someone else has got to take part of the load and deal with part of the worry so that we can slow down and smell the roses and the coffee and ‘learn’ and make wise decisions.

Hire a manager – get someone who can do those things well – and then take time out to relax, to think and think creatively.

The Divine Right Of Kings Falters At The Ballot Box

First thoughts on the UK election of 8 June 2017.

As a result of the vote, do people sense they have the power to change things – that they actually can make a difference with their vote?

Does anyone not think it was a misjudgement by the Conservative leadership to think they could so easily carry the election.

Does anyone not think it was hubris for the Conservative leadership to call an election at all when they did not need to?

The result undermines the belief of those core Conservative voters who have for many years, perhaps their whole lives, believed in something akin to the divine right of kings – the right of the Conservatives to govern because ‘they know how to govern’.

On the showing at this election, capping the performance of David Cameron at the Brexit vote – they have shown that they do not know how to govern any more than does any other party.

A threat to the throne would cause normally core Conservative voters to rally around the Party, but this foolish error of judgement could mean a loss of core Conservative voters at a future election.

But where would they go?

Is this the first, faltering step towards a European model of proportional representation?